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M-HORSE 9500 Mini Firmware Download

M-HORSE 9500 Mini Spreadtrum SC682 Android 2.3 Smartphone 3.5 inch Touch Screen/Dual SIM

Firmware Download Link -
Flash Tools - ResearchDownload

How to Solve Problem Drivers Error Code 52 - Click Here

Tips Make Faster Get GPS Location Android

Make your Android Device Faster get GPS location or fast lock GPS
Install GPS Test From Google Play Store LINK

Open GPS TEST tap Menu -> Settings
Before that u need to Enable GPS and Internet Connection

Tap Clear AGPS then tap Update AGPS

Less than 2 Minutes you will get your GPS location


Mini Mobile Printer(LG Pocket Photo) untuk Android

LG Pocket Photo kira-kira saiz cakera keras(External Harddisk) . Ia mempunyai satu slot di hujung, di mana cetakan keluar, Untuk

LG Pocket Photo, pencetak foto mini adalah untuk peranti Android, beroperasi tanpa wayar sama ada menggunakan Bluetooth atau Near frequency Comunication(NFC).
Ia Sesuai di telapak tangan anda kira-kira saiz cakera keras(External Harddisk), menghasilkan gambar berwarna 3x2 inci. Walau bagaimanapun, pengguna perlu memuat turun LG Photo app dari Apple App Store atau Google Play Store untuk mencetak gambar.
LG Pocket Photo menggunakan teknologi percetakan inkless daripada Zink.

Sumber - Link

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 specs vs Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Samsung's just-unveiled Galaxy Note 3 is a little bigger, a little leaner, and maybe a lot more stylish than last year's Galaxy Note 2.

For superphone nuts, this phablet is also turbo-charged across the board, with a more muscular processor, higher-resolution camera, oodles more RAM, and a (slightly) more capacious battery.

In addition to this display of hardware might, it's Samsung's ever-enhanced productivity tools that also separate this new Note from what came before. Clever additions make the stylus smarter than it's ever been.

Yet for bargain hunters hoping to scoop up a cheaper Note 2 when the Note 3 goes on sale, Samsung's gleaming spec list and S Pen innovations may not prove significant enough to command a premier price

Source - LINK

Android 4.4 diberi nama "KitKat"

Android 4.4  "KitKat"
Android adalah sistem operasi mudah alih yang cukup popular dan dikuasai lebih daripada 1 bilion telefon pintar dan tablet. Sebelum ini, nama-nama versi android yang diberi ialah  Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich , Jelly Bean dan yang terkini ialah KitKat

Buat masa ini belum ada info tentang ciri-ciri yang ada pada Android 4.4 ini.

Instagram new update support Recording video for Android ICS

Now Android ICS can record video on Instagram 

Here is a note about the update from Instagram:
= New in 4.1 =
* Share videos from your photo library
* Recording video is now also supported for all devices running ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich)

ScreenShot Instagram playstore

Screenshot new update Instagram on my Android ICS

Download from PlayStore