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Tips Make Faster Get GPS Location Android

Make your Android Device Faster get GPS location or fast lock GPS
Install GPS Test From Google Play Store LINK

Open GPS TEST tap Menu -> Settings
Before that u need to Enable GPS and Internet Connection

Tap Clear AGPS then tap Update AGPS

Less than 2 Minutes you will get your GPS location


How to create your own WiFi from Laptop

How to create wireless access point by using the cmd command
  1. Start-> Search programs and files type "cmd" right click then Run as administrator
  2. type netsh enter, wlan enter.
  3. set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid="Access Point Name" key=passphrase
  4. Command to start and stop hostednetwork "start hostednetwork" and to stop "stop hostednetwork"

    Source - Link

    How to view your uploaded photos on blogger

    Where your blogger photos saved?
    How to check or view your uploaded photos?

    Go to SIGN IN google you account
    Click More then Click Photos

    After you will see your uploaded photos
    You also can delete your uploaded photo from here