Supposed ‘non-final’ press render of the HTC One Max leaks

We have seen a number of leaks regarding the HTC One Max as of late so lets keep it rolling. Today’s leak is supposedly the a non-final press render of it. From images we saw last week, it isn’t going to look much different than the One so it really isn’t hard for someone to fake. To me the image in itself looks okay, but Senior Global Online Communications Manager Jeff Gordon says it’s fake. @evleaks has a pretty good track record, and if this in fact fake, their reliability is still somewhat intact since they did say it’s “non-final”.

Whatever the situation is with the image, we can point out some interesting things such as the lack of a Beats logo on the back. You will also notice their are separate volume keys (like the One Mini) instead of one rocker (like the One) and the LED flash is below the lens rather than next to it. Because of the larger size of the device, the BoomSound speaker (only the bottom one shown) is much wider than it’s siblings. Either way, this render is probably not too far off from what the real Max will look like. Stay tuned.

source: @evleaks


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